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Igniting Your Indomitable Inner Power

Posted by Brandon Dillon on December 20, 2011

Here is a Great article and Video from Darren Hardy I hope you enjoy!

Do you remember all the big dreams you had when you were younger?

Dreams so exciting that you could barely wait to grow up so you could pursue them. You had those dreams for a reason—your inner potential was casting a vision of what is possible for you.

Somewhere along the travels, trials and tribulations of life you either forgot your goals, got distracted, or believed others who’d already lost their dream, and convinced yourself that yours wasn’t possible either.

I want to help you rekindle those dreams and show you they’re not only possible, but attainable. I want to show you the path that will lead you directly and expeditiously to them.

I also want help you answer some life-changing questions—what’s your grander purpose in life? What really motivates and ignites your passion? What will keep that passion burning long enough for you to achieve your wildest, most outrageous goals?

In the second video (if you missed: video #1) of our Living Your Best Year Ever series, I will discuss those issues as well as:

  • A secret I know about you… especially if you finish watching this video!
  • Radically speeding up your achievements
  • The two most common traits of today’s greatest super-achievers
  • A specific plan to multiply your results by 10X

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