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Darren Hardy’s DB10Y Part 6: The MAGIC Factor to Achieving Your Goals

Posted by Brandon Dillon on January 14, 2012

I know its the weekend but the year is quickly ticking away! and I know you want to keep working on this and setting your dreams and goals and designing your life the way you want it.

so I hope you enjoy the weekend and are having fun working on this, mine is half way done and plan on getting more knocked out this weekend my self.



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Typically, the first thought that comes to mind after writing down a goal is, “What do I need to do to accomplish this?” That, unfortunately, is not the right question to ask.

Let me give you an example—When I was single and ready to find my wife and be married, I made a long list of the qualities of the perfect woman (for me). I filled up more than 40 pages describing my wife to be in great detail—her personality, character, key attributes, attitudes and philosophies about life, tastes, interests, even what kind of family she’d come from, culture, and of course physical makeup down to the texture of her hair, etc. I wrote in depth what our life would be like and what we’d do together.

I then had my goal and it was specific, measureable, attainable (I hoped!), relevant and time-sensitive.

If I then asked, “What do I have to do to find and get this girl?,” I might still be on that butterfly chase. Jim Rohn taught me, “Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue eludes you. Success is something you attract by the person you become. If you want to have more, you must become more.”

So what I did was to look back at every aspect on the list and ask if I had those attributes myself. Additionally, I asked myself this question: What kind of a man would a woman like this be looking for? Who do I need to become to be attractive to a woman of this substance?

I made a long list of all the traits, qualities, behaviors, attitudes and characteristics that I assumed a woman of this caliber would be looking for in a man. I filled up 40 more pages describing who I needed to become. Then I went to work on becoming those qualities.

Guess what? It worked! As if she was peeled off the pages of my journal and appeared in front of me, my wife is exactly what I described and asked for, in almost eerie detail. The key was my getting clear on who I’d have to be to attract and keep a woman of her quality, and doing the work to achieve that (and I’m still working on keeping that part!).

Let me give you another example to bring this home for you. Let’s say your goal is to earn another $100,000 this year. Now we need to ask the question, ‘Who do you need to become to be an extra $100,000 valuable?’ Your answer might contain some attributes—stated in the positive, “I am”—such as:

  • I am a disciplined master of time efficiency.
  • I focus solely on high-payoff and high-productivity actions.
  • I wake up an hour earlier and review my priority objectives each morning.
  • I fuel my body properly and exercise four days a week so I am energetic and highly effective each work hour.
  • I feed my mind ideas and inspiration that will support and bolster my passion.
  • I surround myself with peers and mentors who elevate my expectations and prod me to rise to greater levels of discipline, commitment and achievement.
  • I am a smart, confident and effective leader. I seek and cultivate the strength and greatness in everyone around me.
  • I deliver excellence to my clients and continually find ways to ‘wow’ them, encouraging repeat transactions and abundant referrals.

Before you can have, you must do. And before you can do, you must become.

To achieve something you have never achieved before you must become someone you have never been.” —Les Brown

In the download documents I will walk you through the process of discovering all that you need to become in order to achieve all that you desire. We will go through the characteristics, behaviors and disciplines you need to adopt as well as the behaviors you need to expand on and maybe the ones you need to eliminate altogether. We will figure out together how to become the person who would achieve your goals, and would deserve them.

Download and complete the MAGIC FACTOR Worksheets. (NOTE: The links to the worksheet downloads are sent via the e-mail feed. If you are just registering now, it will go out again with the next feed. E-mail feeds typically go out in the evening, following the published post.)

What are the top few ways you need to change or improve your behavior, habits or disciplines in order to achieve your goals? I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

In the next installment I have another big secret to getting all you want. This single shift in focus can alter the results you get in every area of your life 180 degrees.



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