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Darren Hardy’s DB10Y Part 7: GIVE what you WANT

Posted by Brandon Dillon on January 17, 2012

Good morning and here we go with part 7, give what you want, which is a very important factor in every area of life, giving what your wanting to get back. No matter what your thinking about having more of you need to give that to someone or something else.


Review: INTRO, GETTING READY & PARTS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

On your journey to achieving your goals, this one shift in your mindset can radically change how the world around you responds to and receives you.

The process of goal-setting can make you very myopic and ‘ME’-focused. If we really want to get what we want, we have to remember one of the oldest success principles: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Or as Zig Ziglar puts it: “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

What if that is true?

What if you knew for sure that everything you gave you would receive back tenfold? How much would you give? What would you give? How fast would you give it?

What do you want? What attributes do you need to accomplish your goals?

Do you need more courage? Who can you encourage?
Do you need more strength? Who can you help strengthen?
Do you need more belief? Who can you believe in?
Do you need more confidence? Who can you instill confidence in?
Do you need more love? Who can you love?

In the last installment we discovered what you needed to become to accomplish your extraordinary and ambitious goals. You might have looked back at the list and thought, But how? How can I be more confident, more courageous, bolder, happier, more positive, stronger… if I don’t feel that way?

This is how: Give what you need, give what you want. What you give to others, you give to yourself. And the added bonus is somehow it multiplies itself back to you.

I once had an employee we’ll call Suze. During a review it was identified that she lacked the self-confidence necessary for her to adequately perform her job responsibilities. I could have told her all the positive attributes she had and what I admired about her to boost her self-esteem (I did that anyway), but I knew that wouldn’t work. Others had probably tried before. I knew she needed to give what she was lacking to someone else in order to experience the transformation.

I asked Suze whom she knew who also suffered from a lack of self-confidence. The only person she could think of was a girl who lived a few doors down from her (let’s call her “Mia”). I asked Suze to spend time with the girl and see if she could help her improve her self-esteem. After talking with Mia about her interests and how she spent her time, Suze learned the young girl played soccer, but was too timid to excel at it. Suze was a former all-state soccer player in school and committed herself to tutoring the girl in the sport a few evenings a week.

Suze not only spent time coaching Mia in soccer, but she also talked with her about other aspects of her life. As a result, the Mia’s soccer performance improved dramatically, and her self-esteem was significantly boosted because of the interest Suze showed in her life. Witnessing this transformation, Suze felt valued, important and saw the difference she could make in another person’s life. Her own self-esteem expanded in spectacular fashion. She became one of my most successful public relations agents and went on to many other successes.

In the download documents, I want you to decide what key attributes you need to accomplish your big, hairy and audacious goals; then figure out how you can go about giving that very thing away to others.

When you look at the world with an eye toward how you can give, instead of simply focusing on what you can get, the thing you desire will beat a path to your door.

“Giving starts the receiving process.” —Jim Rohn

Download and complete the GIVE TO GET Worksheets (Download 7). (NOTE: We’ve made the worksheets accessible in one online archive. Only those subscribed to will receive a link and password to the archive via the e-mail feed. If you are just registering now, the link and password will go out again with the next feed. E-mail feeds typically go out the same evening following the published post.)

If someone is looking for help in an area, or if someone is willing to offer their help, you can announce that in the comment section below. I want this to be a forum where you can dialogue with each other and support each other. Please post only sincere commitments to serve and give, and not agenda-driven solicitations. They will be deleted.

Now we have all the pieces to the puzzle and a clear view of what the end picture is supposed to look like. The next installment focuses on the development of the plan of action—the step-by-step process of doing and achieving all that we have laid out thus far.



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