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Men’s Leadership

Posted by Brandon Dillon on February 10, 2012

For Men Only, not women and not males, but MEN!

This is an amazing event where the top in leadership come to speak and inspire and motivate and educate us on all kinds of topics. But the format is leadership and growing your leadership ability in your home, your business, your job, your church your community, your groups and organization’s. Everything rises and falls on Leadership

Listen to Hugo Grotius a 17th Century Dutch Scholar

“He knows not how to rule a kingdom, that cannot manage a Province; nor can he wield a Province, that cannot order a City; nor he order a City, that knows not how to regulate a Village; nor he a Village that cannot guide a Family; nor can that man Govern well a family that knows not how to Govern himself; neither can any Govern himself unless Reason be Lord, Will and Appetite her Vassals; nor can Reason rule unless herself be ruled by God, and (wholly) be obedient to Him.”

So it all starts with us. if we can not govern our selves we are not fit to govern anyone else. That why leadership is so Vital and why we see the problems we are seeing in our great country, and why we are slipping every day from the top of the freedom list. We are now #8 in the worlds most free countries. We used to be number 1 and the reason for that is a lack of leadership in its citizens.

I hope to see you there , if you need a ticket or want a ride let me know if not just meet me there and we will have some fun!

Men’s Leadership

8:00p Friday, February 10, 2012

Shriners Center- Silver Garden Auditorium

24350 Southfield Rd.

Southfield, Mi 48075




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