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1913, The Turning point of Freedom By Oliver DeMille

Posted by Brandon Dillon on August 20, 2012

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. DeMille a few times now and being able to hear him speak and talk with him personally for a few brief minutes I can tell you he is more passionate about freedom, and well I would say preserving it but we have lost so much in the last 100 years (which you will see here in a minute ) but restoring freedom the way the founding fathers of United States of America intended it to be.

Oliver DeMille is the founder and former president of George Wythe University, a founding partner of The Center for Social Leadership, and the author of A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the 21st Century.

As a university student, Oliver went on a search for a truly great education — experiencing private and public universities, technical and religious schools, corporate and international educational institutions, prestigious colleges and worthless diploma mills; he literally sampled the best and the worst that modern education has to offer, and virtually everything in between.

As a result, he found a small Bible school where he worked closely with mentors and studied the Bible and the great classics in many fields. Although Coral Ridge Baptist University was not regionally accredited, he was so excited by the quality of his studies that he left a large, well-respected university to focus full time on his classical education. He earned the B.A. in Biblical Studies (May 1992), M.A. in Christian Political Science (December 1992), and Ph.D. in Religious Education (May 1994) at Coral Ridge Baptist University.

He has written and spoken extensively about the traditional education system versus his intense mentored-classical experience with Coral Ridge and his mentor–Dr. W. Cleon Skousen. After his Coral Ridge studies, he returned to Brigham Young University and completed the B.A. in International Relations with a minor in Aerospace Studies, graduating Magna cum Laude (1994). He then devoted his time to refining the educational design and curriculum of the liberal arts school he founded, George Wythe College (now University).

Oliver is a popular author, keynote speaker, and business consultant. Presently, he devotes a majority of his time to writing. He and his wife Rachel are raising their 8 children in southern Utah.

Now that you know a bit about Oliver let me tell you that his latest 2 books, 1913 and Freedom shift go hand in hand. 1913 was amazing and he and others have sited this time and many of the same events as a point in which we made a huge turn and sometimes when you do something like turn a plane or a ship just 1 degree, after a mile its not far off, but go 100 miles and you will miss a continent. This is the same thing that has happened here, we went on a few years and things were good but now that we are 99 years away from these major shifts its drastic.

Robert kiyosaki wrote about these things in his Conspiracy of the Rich book as well. So did Buckminster Fuller in Grunch of Giants.

But Oliver does an amazing job in these two books of laying out what happened, why, who, and what you and I can do to help change it.

There are 4 things that happened in 1913 and 1936 that will have a bigger effect on what happens in the coming election than who gets elected.

First was the passage of the 16th amendment, what this did and I encourage you to read the founding documents for your self. Before the 16th amendment the Government was funded by the states, who collected taxes from the people, the government was not allowed to tax the people directly. This created a Federal system, so instead of the government and the states being on the same level with one another. With this passage the Government became a National system because now the states needed the government to survive and get money from.

The next major thing that happened was the passage of the 17th amendment which before this amendment, according to the Constitution, senators were selected from each state according to the direction of the State Legislature. This put two direct representatives of each respective state in Washington, with the power through checks and balances to protect the right and interest of the states them-selves. Once the 17th Amendment passed, senators were elected by popular vote within the states rather than by state legislature. This took the direct protectors of the states out of Washington.

The 3rd thing that happened in 1913 was the creation of the Federal Reserve. Now this topic deserves a dozen articles on its own and the reading of several books to really understand what the FED really is, who controls it, and how it works and what it does to you and I. I named several books in the beginning such as this one 1913, Grunch of Giants, the Dollar Crisis, Conspiracy of the Rich,  just to name the top ones to really dig in to for a start this beast.

The Federal Reserve lived in 2 previous forms in our nations history, and they were shut down because of the extremely huge negative impact the founders saw in its existence. But its not my point to rally against the FED and go protest and demand it be shut down. What we need to do is really understand the rules of the game we are playing and do out best to win and benefit from it and help our neighbors and friends do the same. Then we will be able to change things from that point. But you can’t change things any other way.

The 4th thing that happened was in 1936, and it was the United States Vs Butler. Franklin D. Roosevelt along with Woodrow Wilson wanted a much larger Government, even doubling the size of the Supreme Court so they could appoint people that would help them in their cause for this much bigger Government. Before the Butler case the Government was limited to spending money on only 20 things.  These are listed in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, they are as follows.
1. Regulate commerce
2. Establish rules for citizenship
3. Establish Bankruptcy laws
4. Coin and regulate the value of money
5. Standardize weights and measurements
6. Punish counterfeiting
7. Run a postal system
8. Pass copyright and patent laws
9. Run federal courts
10. Punish crimes on the high seas
11. Declare war
12. Raise and finance the armed forces
13. Establish rules for the armed forces
14 Call up state militias
15. Administer the seat of government (Washington, D.C.)
16. Administer federal lands
17. Pass laws to implement the other items on this list
18. Raise tax money to pay for the other items on this list
19. Spend it on the other items on this list
20 Borrow if needed to pay for the items on this list.
These were the only powers given to the federal government by the Constitution and the only things the Government is constitutionally authorized o spend money on. How many see that its spending money on way more then those 20 items?
That’s because of the Butler case, it allowed them, who can now tax more with out any checks and put us in to debt more using Fiat money and the Federal reserve and now spend more than ever before. These 4 things will effect us until the next world shift which is coming very soon, it will be either a freedom shift, or a force shift. I hope enough people will come together and it will be a freedom shift.
I will lave you with a nice audio by Oliver, but get those books, study them, and learn what’s going on and what you can do to help.
Thank you and God bless.

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Oliver DeMille 1913

Posted by Brandon Dillon on July 28, 2012

I just got my hands on the newly released book by best selling author, founder of George Wythe University, Patriot, and a true American and sensus plenior thinker Oliver DeMille.
As I finish this book which tells us why the U.S. Is in its current state of decline and what set it all off back 100 years ago and what you and I can do to change it.
So far this book is amazing and I am only on chapter 4 since yesterday, I just can’t put it down and if you care about freedom and what happens to the next generation you won’t be able to put it down either

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