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Orrin Woodwards Book Resolved, The 13 Resolutions for Life.

Posted by Brandon Dillon on December 3, 2011

I wanted to start this first blog off with what came in my first subscription in the Life series which is a book by Orrin Woodward called Resolved, The 13 Resolutions for Life. It’s a book broken up in to 13 chapters with a huge bibliography of the 100 books he read and applied and put in to this book so that we can apply it in to our lives. The books main people (and there is lots of others in various stories inside the book as well) are George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards. I highly suggest you get this book and read it no, study it as I will and be talking about here on each chapter as I study it. The best place to get this book and others like it monthly is though the Life Subscription, and you will get life changing Audios with it as well. This is a video that comes with the Life Subscription and I have shared it with you as he talks about Resolved. I hope you enjoy and look forwardin talking with you about it and how it can help your life.


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