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Welcome to the Blog of Brandon Dillon, Leadership student, Life student, Pilot, Friend, Mentor, Entrepenure. The purpose of this blog is to discuss things in a civil rational manner to help one another resolve the issues in our lives and ultimately the world. But it starts with us because if we all get better the world gets better by default, if we all wait for someone or something else to change or get better then nothing will happen. My goal is to learn with you and have open conversation on ideas so that we can all see every side to a issue or concern about anything happening in Life with the sole purpose of finding a better way no matter who’s idea it is and not just to complain about it. Here we will seek the truth and the wisdom to apply it and love one another.


One Response to “About”

  1. Brandon,

    I’m a writer for SUCCESS magazine. In December, you wrote about the SUCCESS Foundation’s book for teens. I just wondered if you might want to discuss it with me briefly on the phone. I am writing a column about the foundation, and I need comments of people who were influenced by the program or recommended it.

    Betsy Simnacher

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